As EMAK FAN ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, within the scope of our “ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System” activities that we implement, to ensure that our employees work in a healthier and safer working environment, to use natural resources and energy efficiently and to leave a cleaner, more livable environment to future generations by preventing pollution. for the purpose of;

•  To es tablish an effective system that prevents all accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damages and nonconformities, and to continuously improve and develop;

• We will give priority to complying with the legal regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety and to comply with the legislation to be published in this regard;

• Monitoring with regular audits by creating measurable performance indicators;

• To achieve the targets by setting measurable annual OHS targets as much as possible and encouraging total participation by sharing these targets with all employees;

• Creating a supportive culture that requires visible leadership and clear responsibility;

• To identify and eliminate health and safety risks that may arise in the working environment,

• Identifying all OHS risks and updating emergency procedures regularly;

• To provide a healthy and safe working environment and to set and monitor targets for this;

• To provide a healthier and safer working and service environment to our employees and service providers;

• To continuously improve its performance by following technological developments and innovations;

• Waste recycling and disposal without harming the environment;

• Increasing awareness and gaining individual responsibility;

• To contribute to the formation and establishment of a conscious “health and safety culture” in every part of the society, especially the employees, by adopting the goal of zero work accident and zero occupational disease;

• To train our employees in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and to ensure that they have a good Occupational Health and Safety awareness,

• Proactively managing environmental aspects, occupational health and safety risks in order to comply with all relevant legal regulations and other applicable standards;

• To spread the awareness that all employees can achieve the determined goals by establishing effective communication with all stakeholders, with their safe behaviors and contributions;

• Within the scope of this OHS policy, to carry out the necessary studies in order to ensure continuous development, fulfill the policy requirements and revise them according to the conditions;

• Regularly reviewing policies by the management with an understanding of continuous improvement;

• It is committed to creating a sustainable OHS structure and continuous improvement and development by planning trainings in order to control occupational accidents, raising awareness of the personnel in this direction, and taking the necessary precautions.


As the employees of our organization, we undertake as our OHS Policy to continuously develop and improve our business in the light of the above-mentioned principles, and to comply with laws, regulations and other conditions.

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