For all our activities carried out within EMAK FAN for the production, sales and after-sales of ventilation systems and for our factory:


To create high quality, high performance, quality products that meet the needs and expectations;


While performing these activities, to provide quality control with input control for raw materials, control of the product during the production phase, final control for the products prepared for sale and to provide products and services by adhering to the existing legislation, laws and related standards;


Creating and realizing action plans depending on the goals we set each year and for renewal;


To ensure the participation of everyone in our continuous development by providing opportunities for the personal development of our employees through continuous training and in order to adopt corporate quality awareness;


To ensure the continuity of service by “WARRANTY” and “Post-WARRANTY” inspection of our products and, if necessary, maintenance and replacement of parts;

It is committed to ensure customer satisfaction by taking and analyzing expectations in order to raise the quality level above customer requirements, and to ensure the continuity of other documents.

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