Desing Consultancy

Moreover to 52 Years of experience EMAK gained huge experience in International and European Standards of Fan Performance & Testing, Calculating Indoor / Tunneling Air needs, Machinery Sizing, The Comfort Applications, Safety & Security measures, Efficiency Rules and Criteria such as ISO 13350 Jet Fan Testing, ISO 5801 (B.S. 848) Fan Performance Testing, ErP – Fan Efficiencies, PIARCH (Road Tunnel Ventilation Criteria),  SIA196 Tunneling Fans Designing, ISO EN 12101-3 Smoke Fan Designing and many others. 


EMAK has highly skilled staff and sophisticated machinery for Installations of complete Turnkey Projects that EMAK Contracts. Resulting First Class craftsmanship and high security Systems according to International Rules and Criteria. 


Automation is the most dependable part of a High-Quality Fan System. Thanks to the knowledge of EMAK Experience completed Projects & Contracts that carried EMAK to a superior stage in this field, from a single fan control to a very sophisticated SCADA Control Systems, Capacity Control applications, Remote Bus Systems and Cables applications. 

After Sales Service

All Machinery and Units left out of EMAK Production Facilities are Strictly Quality Controlled. Service and Maintenance Manuals are supplied, factory and site trainings are completed where necessary.  Most of the Systems are supposed not to maintain for long terms and Service Intervals are also recorded in Manuals. But, EMAK Primary Staff is still ready to help our business partners anyhow if they need us to do. We are always ready to serve as quick as possible for urgent cases or scheduled maintenance procedures.